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1st Place: James Warwick Jones – Hotel in Brugges, Belgium, Oil on Canvas

A true master in creating environment and space on a two dimensional plane! Hotel in Brugges, Belgium takes the viewer on a journey. One imagines 'Who might be around the corner? In the next room? What is happening outside the window?' I can feel the space breathing. I feel I have been to Belgium with Mr. Jones!

Award given by Linda Baker, In Honor of Juliet Kirby & In Memory of Michael Kirby

2nd Place: Bob Carlson – Blue Dock II, Acrylic

Every aspect of this piece is flawless. Bob Carlson has created a Feng Shui composition on canvas for us. The greatest challenge to an artist is to create natural and harmonious looking work, this piece is an example of true mastery. It is bold, yet subtle at the same time.

Award given by Skip & Caroline Maryan

3rd Place: Carlton Abbott – Jolt in the Darkness. Wood and Acrylic Sculpture

One of the highest goals of any art form is to suspend disbelief. Jolt in the Darkness certainly does that for me. As an artist and artisan & creator of three dimensional works myself, I tend to look at the technical aspects and processes that the artist may have employed. In the case of Jolt in the Darkness, I get so lost in my enjoyment of the piece that I don't even care how it was created! Bravo for such mastery!

Award given by Terry Abbott & Paula Morse

Merit Awards

 Judy Leasure РBasking in the Sun, Soft Pastel

Bigger is not always better! That being said, this is an example of a piece that could transcend scale. It would be wonderful any size! These pears may be lovers or long term friends. They are having a conversation; their shadows are engaged in a secondary conversation. One gets the impression that these two may have bonded over some extreme set of circumstances or perhaps over a lifetime.

Award given by Trudi Arnold, In memory of Annikki Havola

Traute Leemann – Buzzing City, Hand Painted Silk

An example of an artist who has taken a wearable medium out of its original context and elevated it to the realm of fine art. This is a brave piece with layers of complexity. Each element could only be done one time and required confident accuracy and much forethought and planning.

Award given by Chris & Sally Honenberger, In memory of Sue Donaldson

Sally Beck – For Dappled Things, Collage, Collograph Print and Embossing

This piece is so much more than the sum of its technique or subject matter. Clearly a delightful celebration of life and creation, masterfully done!

Award given by Sarah Houghland, In memory of Sue Donaldson

Myra Polsky – Sandy Shore, Acrylic on Watercolor Paper

This work is dynamic and fresh. It tells us a story with confident use of bold brush stroke and color. It is fresh, but not unconsidered.

Award given by George & Patricia Rublein, In honor of Karen Schwartz

Ron Taylor – Artifacts, Wood and Acrylic

Presented as though they are museum specimens, these objects inspire an almost anthropological curiosity, "Are they remnants of old tools or ceremonial in nature?"

Award given by Karen & Joel Schwartz, In memory of Gene Chis

The Yellow Path – Judy Baker Travers, Acrylics

Through use of color and movement, confident brush strokes transport me to a place of exploration in nature, or perhaps the nature within.

Award given by Karen & Joel Schwartz, In memory of Sue Donaldson

Helter Skelter – Ellie Thuermer, Watercolor

Delicate botanical imagery with a narrative quality.

Award given by Karen & Joel Schwartz, In memory of Davy Altman

Karen Bonday Williamson – Country Lane, Oil – Palette knife

Such compelling texture, great attention to light and shadow creating depth and space. This piece takes me away.

Award given by Janis Wood, In memory of Davy Altman

Sarah Honenberger – Grandmother’s Window, Acrylic on Canvas

Warm and evocative homage to the memory of a grandmother’s gifts. What did she give us? A desire to learn, her love, her nurturing, and so much more.

Award given by Janis Wood, In memory of Sue Donaldson

Honorable Mention Awards

Joseph C Burns – Sarah’s Penny, Oil

With warmth and attention to detail in the tradition of the Dutch Renaissance, this quirky portrayal of Sarah contemplating her penny inspires curiosity and joy.

Robert Hardwick РArrived!  Oil

Poppies like fireworks on a black background, dynamic explosive composition!

Milica Decker – Aztec Wonder II, Fiber Art - Woven - Loom

Symmetrical and balanced, an example of a work of art that could easily transcend scale and medium.

Anita P. Bradley – Midnight Blue Sea Orange Moon, Acrylic on Paper

Very expressive color study. Was this a dream or did it really happen?

Jean Fripp – The Elegance of Iron, Photography

At times a photograph is simply a photograph, but what makes it art? The artist’s ability to utilize technology and processes to produce their own unique vision. Light captured on a plane of film, modified on paper, inspiration, composition, subject matter. The golden mean.

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