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This Century Art Gallery 2005 Annual Members' Show
Judge: Professor Gregory A. Henry


As an artist, I have always been interested in life and death; in the workings of the environment and its support of those things that are tangible and those that aren't. In trying to depict such phenomena, I started using simple everyday objects from my Guyanese culture that surrounded me during my youth -- pots, pans, chickens, and other animal forms. I use these objects as icons that tell the story of the culture and its workings as it relates to the composition of the environment and the life cycle. My interests have expanded to include general icons and fables from Guyanese, African and other South American cultures. In trying to depict different aspects of life, objects are juxtaposed to tell a specific tale or parable.

Gregory A. Henry

Professor Henry received his Master of Fine Arts from Rhinehart School of Sculpture, Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore, and has been teaching in the Department of Art & Art History at Christopher Newport University since 1992. His courses include ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, and drawing.

Among his most recent exhibitions were one-person exhibitions at the ADA Gallery in Richmond, Virginia, the Charles Taylor Art Center in Hampton, the Hammonds House Gallery in Atlanta, and "Passages Through the Heart"at the Visual Art Center - Tidewater Community College in Old Town Portsmouth, Virginia.

Greg Henry - The Bottle Tree
The Bottle Tree
Greg Henry - Fetching Water
Fetching Water

Professor Henry's work has also been shown in a one-person exhibition at the African American Museum in Dallas and "installation - Heart and the Home" at the Project Row House in Houston, and he has had work commissioned for National Airport in Washington D.C. and for Art Scape in Baltimore.

In addition, Professor Henry has work hanging in permanent collections at the Kansas African American Museum in Wichita, the Harriet Tubman Museum in Atlanta, the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, D.C., Capital One Corporation, Phillip Morris Corporate Headquarters, Hampton University Museum, and Ohio University Kennedy Museum in Athens, Ohio as well in other collections around the country.

Included among his many publications is the children's book Chickens! Chickens! which he illustrated and for which he won the 1995 National Parents Choice Silver Honors.

Greg Henry - Landscape #17
Landscape 17
Greg Henry - Vessel With Three Figures
Vessel with 3 Figures
Greg Henry - Untitled - Wood, Steel, Coconuts
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