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Paper Arts/Altered Books

July 15 – August 15, 2014

Welcome to TCAG’s Paper Arts/Altered Books Exhibit

This exhibit features artist books that are totally handmade, written, illustrated, printed, colored and bound by the artist, and are unique art works.  There are also boxes of various types that have been transformed into one-of-a-kind works of art, some containing handmade books or merging text and images.

You'll see a variety of books that have been "altered" and used as the foundation for collage work, painting, drawing, and poetry on a variety of themes to create unique works of art.  They can incorporate the original book's words and spirit, or be turned into something totally different.  

Artist books are particularly expressive works of the artist's imagination, thoughts, and feelings.
We invite you to gently turn the pages of these personal treasures and enjoy what we've created.  After experiencing this exhibit, perhaps you too will start on this very fulfilling artistic journey.

The Artists:
Kristen Dahms  ♦  Ginny Fisher  ♦  Caroline Garrett Hardy
Kay Krapfl  ♦  Sharon Parker  ♦  Carolyn Pettie  ♦  Devon Rawson

kristen dahms kristen dahms
"Time Flies"
by Kristen Dahm
Medium: Book, paper, watercolor, ink
"Hands of Time"
by Kristen Dahm
Medium: Box, paper, watercolor, ink tea bags
The tick tock of time running out and your dreams have not come true is the inspiration for these pieces of art. They are made with imagery and use of layers using paper and watercolor.
ginny fisher
"Women Who Changed the World"
By Ginny Fisher
Inspired by her Mother, the artist Created a book about women Who chose adventurous ways to live their lives. Photos clipped from "Women Travelers" by C. Mouchard. Ephemera attached to enhance the story. Fabric cover.
ginny fisher
"The Wonder of Yellowstone"
By Ginny Fisher
Amazed by the natural beauty and wildlife, the artist clipped photos from "Yellowstone Yesterday and Today" by P.Harsted. Ephemera attached to highlight the wonder of the Park. Shadow box represents a "window" into the Park.

caroline garrett hardy
"Coffee Book"

By Caroline Garrett Hardy
For my friend Liz, who loves her coffee A pocket accordion book created from paper soaked in coffee and drenched in layers of glitter and acrylic. Each pocket contains some reference to the joys of drinking coffee. The last pocket contains a collection of drawings done at caf├ęs in Europe and Mexico City.

caroline garrett hardy

by Caroline Garrett Hardy
An illuminated manuscript based on The Canticle of Creatures, written by Saint Francis of Assisi. The pages simulate the illuminated manuscripts of the 14th-15th Century French and Italian incunabula period. The calligraphy is a free-flowing style developed by the artist.

"A Song Book"
By Caroline Garrett Hardy
Etchings by the artist are watercolored on Arches paper. The book is accordion style, covered in marbled paper with paste paper end papers.

kay krapfl
By Kay Krapfl
I Started with a drawing, then cut page out. Then looked for whatever I needed from magazines for color.
kay krapfl
By Kay Krapfl
I worked with what was in the book and looked for other entertainers as well.
Kay enjoys all media and also enjoys different styles, but impressionistic is her favorite. She enjoys teaching and is always open to learn from other artists.
sharon parker

"Nothing Like Travel"
by Sharon Parker
The artist uses her photographs and paintings of places she's been, and more places she'd like to go, to create a book about the joys of travel. Maps from National Geographic's Collegiate Atlas of the World and other ephemera were used in its creation.

caroline pettie
"We Choose Our Path"      
By Caroline Pettie      
Artist Book: Rice Paper, watercolor, tea, pencil and glaze      
The artist uses a cut out theme to depict a path chosen with the guidance of a Guardian Angel. An inspiration for the Artist's book is the beautiful little book given to her by the artist's daughter entitled, My Mother Gave Me the Moon, illustrated by Becky Kelly and written by Patrick Regan.
I have always loved the combination and contrast of text and image. Text can be elaborated, decorated, and extended by images, and, of course, illuminated. Images are elucidated by text , dispelling the mystery of the artist's intentions.
devon rawson
"Box of Books"
By Devon Rawson
Binder board, paper, waxed linen, buttons, wood
devon rawson
By Devon Rawson
Accordian Book: Binder board, paper, ribbon, ink, linoleum and soft block prints
I am inspired by bold pattern and color, equal parts whimsy and the methodical patience to create a well crafted book or box. Binder board, decorative paper, glue and waxed line were used in the construction of my work.

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