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April 29 – May 30, 2014

Artist Statement:
Since my youth I have always been fascinated with how light would transform horizon, building or object into something extraordinary. I record the light as it embraces, unifies, defines and modulates textures and colors. The light reflects back and forth, linking each compositional element to the other in a transcendent way. Light brings life to the scene infusing it with emotional impact.

Flat Work, Photo by Ken SmiegowskiI use cutting edge photographic and computer equipment to capture and translate the blend of light and elements into a two dimensional artwork. With modern tools, I use classical oil painting concepts to recreate my thoughts and emotions felt at the moment of an images creation. I feel at one with and humbled by the interaction of elements before me. My life is richer for the adventure. This cumulative emotional database of experiences contribute individually and collectively to the decisions and process of creating my art.

In my studio the technical and mechanical aspects are implemented by emotional, intellectual and creative aspects to create images that portray what I experienced using five senses and three dimensions within limitations of a single sense and two dimensions.

Smoky Mountains, Photo by Ken Smiegowski VA Scenics - Fall, Photo by Ken Smiegowski

That sky, tree, wind and light will never happen again, ever. Its mine to savor and share. These are not just images. They are pieces of my existence freely shared. A crisply defined emotional impressionism preserved to allow others entrance to my experiece.

Kenneth Smiegowski of Kenneth Smiegowski Studios LLC has been a painter and fine art photographer for over forty years. He studied art at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and served a two year painting apprenticeship with Iwan Lotton, a nationally recognized, Chicago area painter.

Ken’s oil paintings and photography are held in private and corporate collections. He has worked with and sold photography in 35 mm, medium format, 4x5 and digital. His photographs have appeared in calendars, post cards, coffee mugs, tee-shirts, prints, and guide books in the Grand Canyon National Park, Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Badlands National Park, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Smoky Mountains National Park, Zion National Park, Capital Reef National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Custer State Park, Black Hills National Forest, and Devils Tower National Monument.

Ken’s images have appeared in Sierra Club Magazine and its calendars and datebooks, Audubon field guides, Wisconsin Trails Magazine and their calendars and giftware, Lake Superior Magazine and their calendars and giftware, Blue Ridge Country Magazine, Impact Graphics products, Landmark Graphics products, Northwood Press Books and other assorted regional magazines and trade publications.

Ken has lectured at and taught not-for-credit classes in nature photography and macro photography at the College of Lake County in suburban Chicago. He currently teaches privately, enjoying one on one interaction with his students.