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Jim Pittman
Mixed Media

July 23 – August 23, 2013
Jim Pittman, Mixed Media

My work has been described as color field. I think of them as minimal landscapes. I am influenced by the great plains and high deserts of the American Southwest. When walking through the canyons, I see form, shape, line and texture as revealed by light and color. I translate this to canvas using acrylic paint applied intuitively and moved around with scrapers, knives, fingers, sticks etc. My work is not site specific but I do relate to certain canyons and colors. I paint my remembered impressions and attempt to create the mystery of ancient places and the passage of time, weather and man. Edges, texture and surface are important elements of my work. I layer, dig and scratch the painting to convey the vastness of the prairie or confines of the canyons. I want my work to be spontaneous, luminous, spare and deep.

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Jim Pittman, Mixed Media – Carole Barnes, Mixed Media