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Phyllis Greenway
May 6 - June 6, 2008


Artist's Statement:

It is my joy to return to Virginia where images and memories have been the inspiration of many of my paintings.

My art gives me a way to express my personal experience. It can be a result of a vision of the moment or a memory of an image. It can be triggered by word or music or simply an idea of form turned in my mind.

Phyllis Greenway, Blue Harbor

To me the process of drawing/painting is a meditation, a diary of life, where each sketch, study, painting, is a reflection of a search for self expression.

When working, I enter a world that is timeless. This process is a large part of my life that I find more exciting each time I begin. It is my pleasure to share it with others, both as a painter and a teacher.

Phyllis Gosling Greenway 2008

Phyllis Greenway, Nest
Phyllis Greenway, Morning Light
Morning Light