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Functional Pottery

October 18 - November 18, 2005

The Beauty of Everyday Things

The Earth births elements of life
from tumultuous fire and molten lava.
Moments of peace or passion last for decades or millennia.

With reverence
an artist may create with resource of the Earth.

Reflections of peace or passion
are enjoyed in moments
which together are the expression
and sum of life.

Amy Potter was born in Oakland, California and raised in Williamsburg, Virginia (as Amy Schwartz) to be an artist and a philosopher. She moved to Middle Tennessee in 1996 to pursue the arts of community, family, farming, writing and ceramics.

Empirically trained, Amy has apprenticed with both Susan DeMay and Marilee Hall. She has operated her own studio since 2000.

Amy is a member of the Watertown Alexandria Artists Guild, Tennessee Association of Craft Artists and This Century Gallery. Her work may be viewed at the Watertown Art Gallery, Bluegrass Glass and Mirror and Natural Selections, all of Middle Tennessee. In Williamsburg her work is on display at Secret Garden Interiors, the Williamsburg Winery and This Century Gallery.

Custom design of tableware and handmade tile are available upon request.
Cone 6 stoneware is microwave and dishwasher safe.
Tile is sturdy to the elements of the outdoors, bathroom and kitchen.

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