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Digital Creations & Three Dimensional Work

August 2 - September 9, 2005

22 x 30
Ink Jet Print

Fossil Memory
24 x 44 x 18

22.5 x 30
Ink Jet Print

My recent work is about the infrastructure behind the familiar visible world. I work with cellular, skeletal, and cartographic themes that I regard as poetic blueprints. Like most of my work, their creation involves a labor-intensive, repetitive process that unfolds in a rhythmic, meditative way.

The digital pieces are drawn using Adobe Photoshop. I 'paint' on interacting layers of translucent color (or light) and then further manipulate the layers in Photoshop. The prints are contradictory in that they are organic and hand-drawn, and yet created entirely through a digital process.

My 3D work is an interesting foil for the digital prints. They are typically wall pieces made with built up plaster that is then shaped and refined. Some are bare plaster; others are covered in encaustic or acrylic. Whereas the digital prints are ephemeral and fluid, the sculpture tends to be earthy, tactile and at times intentionally clunky.

Despite their differences both bodies of work come from similar thought processes and influences. Art is my alternative to science. I study the world not by quantifying or explaining but through an immediate personal engagement with materials and ideas.

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