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Al Sprague

October 1 - November 8, 2002

. . .I love painting people. That's what the world is all about. May it be a fisherman out on his boat or a vendor in the marketplace, my paintings reflect people doing everyday ordinary things.
. . .I have never overcome enjoying what I see. Therefore, in my painting and sculpture I attempt to portray the literal: a visual world made up of patterns of abstract shapes, planes, and colors that stimulate our senses.
-Al Sprague


Artist Biography

Al Sprague was born and raised in the Republic of Panama. After receiving a master's degree at American University in Washington DC, he returned home to paint the culture of Panama. His work depicts the everyday life of native fishermen, market vendors, and dancers, has made him one of the most recognized artists in Panama.
Sprague's work has been on display in the White House, The Pentagon, Panama Canal Headquarters, Reagan Presidential Library, United States-Art-in-Embassies Collection, Panama Embassy in Washington, D.C., Chase Manhattan Bank, Bank of Korea, Bank of America, and has exhibited at art galleries in the United States, Spain, Japan, the Bahamas, and Panama.
Today Sprague divides his time between the Republic of Panama and Newport News, Virginia, and has expanded his subject matter to include the islands of the Bahamas. In addition to painting both watercolors and oils, Sprague has taught himself the art of bronze casting and now does selected bronze pieces using the lost wax process.