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Robin Poteet

March 25 – April 25, 2014
Robin Poteet, A Glorious Chaos

Watercolor has held me spellbound since I first laid brush to paper. It has a freshness and luminosity that, to my eye, is unique among painting media. I am often in awe of the way the paint moves and mingles and changes ... up to the very moment it dries on the paper. With each new painting, watercolor teaches me timing and patience and humility. Its ver y nature forces me to embrace the unpredictable and to relinquish control over my painting process.

Cezanne's Muse

Whatever my subject, I attempt to paint with a calculated mix of detail and looseness that has developed through years of practice. I am ever mindful of the strength that light and contrast bring to a painting and give myself the artistic freedom to exaggerate these elements.

I am honored that my recent work has won top awards and has been featured in national publications and books. I am diligently focused on continuing to grow as an artist as well as a creative, caring human being.

Robin Poteet paints watercolors in a manor that appeals to ar tists and art collectors alike. Poteet's career began in Advertising & Graphic Design. She worked as Director of Adver tising for major manufacturer, Rowe Furniture, and then founded Poteet Studio, Inc., which specialized in innovative marketing, illustration and design for the home furnishings industry. Robin PoteetDuring her career she provided designs for some of the country's largest manufacturers, retail chains and celebrity designers (Martha Stewart Fine Furniture, Joseph Ruggiero, JC Penney, Sears Homelife, as well as manufacturers Norwalk, Broyhill, Robin Bruce, and others).

She is grateful for those years of focus on design, color value and composition. It has made her transition to full-time painting an easier path to follow.

website: www.robinpoteet.com  |  blog: robinpoteet.blogspot.com