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Jayson D. Lowery

February 11 – March 21, 2014

Artist Statement:
Much of my work is about form and structure as metaphor for contemplating the human experience. I enjoy looking at how things are put together. Observing something's construction, anatomy, grammar, or constitution gives insight into how it functions and how it influences our lives. My most recent work continues to be a form of quiet meditation for me: Studio meditations in which materials and forms combine to become metaphors for insights and unexpected connections between my experiences and underlying patterns in life. Recently I have been looking at, and abstracting from, the seedpods and husks from the various plants that grow in the area where I live. This started as a simple curiosity in how different these pods are from those of the flora of the Sonoran Desert where I grew up. It is slowly growing into thoughts about the universal need for dispersal and fertility/production that drives the life of living organisms, but also different types and scales of human organizations. Groups of people (families, companies, colleges, cities, and nations) share with individual living organisms the drive to perpetuate and disperse their patterns and approach to being.

Jayson Lowery, Open Pod II Open Pod II, 2013
19" x 21" x 20"
Plywood, water putty, resin, galvanized steel, gasket rubber, and artificial sinew.